Maintenance Instructions

The inside of the tube is insulated with propolis solution, its cork is made of Lombardy poplar or wood, bee wax is used for sealing and tuning.

Panflute tuning

Tuning is done with special milling machines and pressing cue, by an experimented person (teacher).

Smearing and cleaning

The tubes are smeared and cleaned with propolis on a monthly basis, if it is used rarely, or on a weekly basis, if it is used intensely.

After the study hours (during the rest time), the Panflute is put in a lying position, for the evaporation of condense.

The Panflute is not put inside the protection bag or cover.

The instrument must be protected from sudden changes of temperature, the adaptation to temperature is done step by step.

The instrument shall not be let in the car during the warm season.

These instructions must be followed in order to keep the instrument and its sound in a perfect state.


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