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Ion Preda

I was born in a family of Romanian peasants, in the commune Guruieni - Teleorman. My parents liked music and dance, mainly my father, who used to play several instruments very nicely. Having lived with music and dance in my family, the gift of playing and dancing has been sent to me.


I started as a dancer at the Artistic Ensemble of Youth (UTC), where I artistically refined as a folklore dancer until 1979.
In the summer of 1971, in a tour in Italy, I was fascinated by the Panflute; it was my first technical and detailed contact with this instrument, which arose my interest.
I attended the courses of the music school in the 75s and I activated as Panflute player in the Orchestra of the Ensemble (UTC) in the period 1979-1991.


I graduated the Vocational School in 1967, I worked at Vulcan Plant as a lathe operator and, being passionate of every round object, I united mathematics with music and I calculated several interior volumes of some tubes made of various materials, such as: bamboo, ebony, Brazilian rosewood, Yew wood or Cornel wood, building Panflutes of them.
It was very difficult in the beginning, because not all tubes sounded well, and, after having studied this problem, I have improved my researches.


Since I was born I have wanted to know:
Why and how do the birds fly?
Why are people different?
Why is beautiful thing done with difficulty?

I have collected technical data from everything around me and I have improved the Panflute's sound. Since 80s, the Preda Panflute has had a characteristic and unique sound (timbre).


Everything that I have initiated in my life was done with much seriousness, beginning with a party and ending with a house full of children.
My word is my law. This is what I have learned from my father. My performances as a self-taught man are unique.
My son Ionut-Alexandru is using and improving these, leading the arts of musical instruments' construction towards future generations.


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